My mini Mexico City tour sponsored by X-Pole

I just got back from Mexico City, where I did a whirlwind mini city tour (I say ‘mini’ because this metropolis is MASSIVE – 20,450,000 at last count) accompanied by the wonderful Lindsey Kimura of X-Pole.

We hit up Gravity Pole Fitness Studio (Satelite and Polanco) and Pole Dance School Mexico, spent a night on the town ‘Pole Hunting’ with the Gravity crew, where I developed an obsession for hotel luggage carts and lamp post iron x’s (see the night’s shenanigans HERE), did press interviews and photo shoots with and Sports Life magazine, and performed at both TK Charlies (watch the live stream HERE) and at a super fun meet and greet at Pole Dance School Mexico.

I ate my face off and grew a Mexican travel baby to prove it, had my body worked on by an amazing sports masseuse, Alexandra, aka “Magic Fingers,” and BEST OF ALL – I met and got to teach the wonderfully warm and talented Mexican pole community, whose passion for pole fitness and dance and hunger to learn is so inspirational!

Thank you Jezabel, Jorge, Erandi and Lindsey for making my trip so memorable. I’ll see all of you when I return for GRAVITY FIRST, SECOND EDITION!!!

Photos below.

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