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Poling Around the World: An (Extensive!) Re-cap of My X-Pole European Tour

Linguistic differences aside, the women and men polers I’ve met in my international travels aren’t so different than us Americans. We share an obsessive love for our apparatus, and we all know the elation of nailing our nemesis trick. The topics of conversation over a pint are easy — pole crushes (everyone has one regardless […]

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UK’s got pole talent!

I had the awesome sauce opportunity to judge and perform at the Hertford Heat of the UKAPP (UK Amateur Pole Performer) competition last night and was blown away by the talent. A few observations from this American poler (and photos as well as a link to my live performance below the post): 1) The polers […]

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Goodbye, United States (for now.)

I sit here typing from Dulles Airport in Washington DC en route to Europe, where I’m embarking on an ambitious 7-country tour sponsored by X-Pole. Will I make it?  Will Swedish police find me passed out from exhaustion in an IKEA pre-fab living room unit? Will spotting too many fonji attempts actually cause my arms […]

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