Where in the world is Natasha Wang? (On tour!)

I’m preparing myself mentally and physically for spending much of August and September on the road, hoarding miniature cosmetic samples, echinacea & Emergen-C packets and figuring out how I’m going to pack a month’s worth of clothes in one Travel Pro carry-on. But a huge part of getting ready is memorizing exactly where I’ll be when. That’s no easy task!

To make things easier, I’m posting my travel schedule here, and eventually, on my online calendar (see the CALENDAR menu button above and at http://natashawang.com/?page_id=353). All of that needs to be manually entered, which is a pain in my arse and will take a while (free private to whomever finds a way to export my Google Calendar into the My Calendar WordPress plug-in.)

I present to you, my travel dates, thus far, for the rest of 2011:


July 22-23: Gravity Studio – Mexico City (performance + workshops – to register go HERE.)

July 24-27: Pole Dance School Mexico – Mexico City (performance + workshops – to register go HERE.)

July 30: PoleSinsations – San Diego, CA (workshops – to register go HERE.)

July 31: Inversion Studios – Irvine, CA (workshops – to register go HERE.)


August 7: Poleates – Westlake Village, CA (workshops – to register go HERE.)

August 9: Smoke & Mirrors – Santa Ana, CA (Girl Next Door Company Class – to register go HERE.)

August 12-13: Pole Pressure – Washington, DC (workshops – to register go HERE.)

August 14-15: Chic Physique – Bethesda, MD (workshops – to register go HERE.)

August 16-Sept. 8: X-POLE EUROPEAN TOUR

18 August – Teach @ Dinali Centre Galve – Stockholm
19 August – Teach @ The pole studio – Stockholm
20 August – UKAPP Hertford Judge and Perform
23 August – Athen Pole Studio
24 August- Athens Pole Studio
26 August – BodyBarre Manchester
27 August – UKAPP Dublin Judge and Perform
28 August – Pole Kixs – Dublin
01 September – Milan Pole Studio – TBC
02 september – Vertical Dolls Rome
04 September – Spin City Bristol
05 September – Ecole De Pole London


Sept. 10: Miss Pole Dance Canada – Vancouver, BC (judge + perform + workshops. For more info go HERE.)

Sept. 16: Miss Texas Pole Star – Dallas, TX (judge + perform + workshops. To register go HERE.)

Sept. 24: California Pole Dance Championships (perform. Details HERE.)

Sept. 25: Fun Pole Fitness, San Diego, CA (workshops – to register go HERE.)


Oct. 20-25: Gravity First, Mexico City (perform + workshops. For more info go HERE.)


Nov. 4: Miss Pole Dance Australia in Sydney (perform + workshops. For more info go HERE.)

Nov. 19: Romance & Dance in Carson, CA (workshops – to register go HERE.)



  • Aliyya Johnson

    Hello Ms. Natasha Wang,

    I am a 24 year old muslim female. It is against my religion to perform like you do (although I wish I could). I have made stereotypical views when it comes to pole dancing, but I also know that it is a great way to workout, and do something special for my husband. However, you have blown me away, you are so graceful, and even though your legs are open and you are on a pole. Sex. Is not on my brain. All I can see is how talented you are. I wish I could meet you, and attend a workshop just to be in your grace. I live in Columbus, Ohio. Is there any chance that you will have a workshop out here? I want to lose weight, and do tricks that require major strength in your muscles. I love what you do. I can’t say it enough. If you don’t come to Columbus. I will come to a workshop one day somewhere.

    Until we meet… keep it up, you have an amazing, most alluring and captivating talent!

    Aliyya Johnson

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