Hai, I’d like to be ur Pole Idol

Vote for ME for IPC Pole Idol 2012!!!!

If you’ve been following the world of competitive pole, you’ve noticed that more and more competitions are implementing a ‘vote-for-your-favorite-contestant’ strategy in which the public has the power to decide on (usually) one competitor slot. USPDF did it, so did Pole Dance Universe, California Pole Dance Championships and the Southern Regional competitions.

While in the end, it’s largely a popularity contest and a testament to how many hours a competitor may spend campaigning the internets and bribing their friends with cocktails at happy hour, it also serves to promote not just the competition and the competitors, but the sport as a whole.

I’ve personally been doing my part to earn a spot in the International Pole Championships this March 15 in Hong Kong by trying to win the coveted “IPC Pole Idol” spot. In doing so, I’ve reached out to former work colleagues from my old life as a publicist (and thus, lifting the veil to reveal the ‘new’ Natasha), contacted family in Taiwan that I haven’t spoken to in years, reached out to my network of pole friends on Facebook, and physically campaigned during every workshop, class and appearance I’ve made since voting opened on Dec. 1st.

It’s been exhausting, but ultimately, I’ve decided, a rewarding experience. Because even if I DON’T win IPC Pole Idol…heck, even if I don’t get into the competition at all…at least I’m spreading awareness of pole as a sport to people who may have never encountered this world at all.

And that, to quote Charlie Sheen, is WINNING.

If you think I deserve a shot at IPC, please consider voting for me to get to Hong Kong! Voting is open now and closes December 15th and you can vote for the same person from several email addresses (hint hint.)