My mini Mexico City tour sponsored by X-Pole

I just got back from Mexico City, where I did a whirlwind mini city tour (I say ‘mini’ because this metropolis is MASSIVE – 20,450,000 at last count) accompanied by the wonderful Lindsey Kimura of X-Pole. We hit up Gravity Pole Fitness Studio (Satelite and Polanco) and Pole Dance School Mexico, spent a night on the

Where in the world is Natasha Wang? (On tour!)

I’m preparing myself mentally and physically for spending much of August and September on the road, hoarding miniature cosmetic samples, echinacea & Emergen-C packets and figuring out how I’m going to pack a month’s worth of clothes in one Travel Pro carry-on. But a huge part of getting ready is memorizing exactly where I’ll be when. That’s no easy